Fresh from the city of San Diego, where the weather stays beautiful and the clothing matches the laidback lifestyle, StoleTheShow Clothing, or STS Clothing presents an urban take on the sun, sand, and surf that is prevalent in the Southern



Founded by Rides1 in 2000, StoleTheShow Productions is a label destined to expose the entire nation to the street influenced, knowledgeable hip hop that the San Diego region is accustomed to. Our music combines witty punchlines displayed in a business



With a gritty style, and lyrics unparalleled by most, Rides1 Klepto exposes the masses to a flow that maintains his underground prowess while commercially appealing to any fan of hip hop. Through his personal “hood experiences” and love of the

Word on the Street

Yo these smoke sessions t-shirts are the business son!! Keepin it breezy while being geezy!!

Private Johnson

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Dave Taylor