Fresh from the city of San Diego, where the weather stays beautiful and the clothing matches the laidback lifestyle, StoleTheShow Clothing, or STS Clothing presents an urban take on the sun, sand, and surf that is prevalent in the Southern California border town. Founded in 2012 by Rico Tedder (Rides1 Klepto) and Marcco Montalvo (Dulo) as a rebranding of a previous upstart clothing line, STS Clothing is dedicated to providing street savvy clothing to accompany the StoleTheShow hip hop movement.

Originally designed purely as a means to provide a visual interpretation of the music that many in the local San Diego scene have grown to love over the last decade, STS Clothing has branched out to encompass ALL elements of the streets which are so eloquently described in the music created on a daily basis. We consider our clothing to be “for the streets, by the streets,” but all walks of life can enjoy our designs, because the “streets” themselves are made up of many different styles of life.

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