With a gritty style, and lyrics unparalleled by most, Rides1 Klepto exposes the masses to a flow that maintains his underground prowess while commercially appealing to any fan of hip hop. Through his personal “hood experiences” and love of the art, Dulo harnesses the trials and tribulations he’s experienced, in order to deliver a street message that anyone familiar with the struggle can appeal to. Through their knowledge of the streets, along with their top notch business savvy, both emcees came together to form STS Clothing in early 2012. This was done in order to provide a gritty clothing line to the streets to match the hip hop sound many fans have grown to love. Coupled with performances opening up for heavyweight artists in the game such as Redman and French Montana, to name a few, StoleTheShow is poised to have a large buzz on the streets, which will only get greater as each emcee on the label releases new product and more clothing apparel is released.

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